Meghan Gamboa

Meghan Gamboa

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Marketing,
and Retail Sales

My ‘finish line’ will be when play is so engrained in our everyday lives at all ages, we don’t even know we’re doing it.

Meghan has spent her career enthusiastically creating meaningful marketing programs. Her ability to approach marketing and sales communications in creative and differentiated ways has proven to set her apart, and she’s always ready to take on new challenges.

As Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Retail Sales at Ageless Innovation, Meghan leads the company’s multifaceted global marketing strategy and execution, particularly around its Joy for All brand. She is passionate about creating a thought-leading brand and product opportunities with new and existing partners and re-imagining a retail space focusing on the positive side of aging.

Meghan is a lifelong believer in the power of play. Her passion for her work has always been fueled by contributing to a team that she believes in and that makes an impact on those around them. So when the opportunity arose for her to co-found Ageless Innovation and bring together these philosophies of play and meaningful impact, she jumped. This is compounded by her passion to address the unique (and often underserved) needs of older adults and their families.

Prior to joining Ageless, Meghan spent 15 years at Hasbro marketing the world’s most iconic toy and entertainment brands. A collegiate soccer opportunity brought her to Bryant University where she received a B.S. in Marketing and International Business in 2003. While working at Hasbro, she returned to her alma mater to pursue her MBA in Marketing, which she received in 2008.

Unbelievably, Meghan’s energy at work is carried over to her life at home. She will gladly show you photos at any time of her husband and college sweetheart, their two beautiful children, and their 140-pound Bernese Mountain “puppy.” Meghan is also the token “crazy cat lady” of the Ageless team and currently cares for three rescues. At home, Meghan is most proud that her door is always open to friends and family, and she will happily cook you a homemade meal.