Joy For All Board Games – How to Play

Ageless Innovation’s Reach Out and Play initiative sponsored by AARP is designed to foster social connection by bringing people of all ages together through the power of play. Play, including playing board games with others, improves emotional health and well-being at any age!

Click here to see if Reach Out and Play is coming to your community. Find a game event (or host your own), and gather your friends & family for fun, laughter, and connection.

Board game events will be held in selected communities nationwide from September 5 through the end of the year.


A warm welcome from Ageless Innovation CEO Ted Fischer:

How to play


Joy for All’s Trivial Pursuit Generations breathes new life into the hallmark Trivial Pursuit, and features generation-specific trivia, personal trivia, and easier-to-read cards.


For over 70 years, Scrabble has been one of the most successful word games in history, and for good reason—it’s fun! Joy for All’s fresh interpretation of the classic crossword game is three games in one! Scrabble BINGO features two entirely new games, easy-to-read text, and innovative new tiles and racks that are easier to pick up and handle!


Scrabble Bingo combines classic Scrabble with the speed, unpredictability, and fun of Bingo in an innovative twist that blends the best of both!


Scrabble Pass is a quick game where players pass trays of letters and compete to make words simultaneously. Once the cards are filled, scores are tallied, and the highest score wins.


Each generation insists it’s better than all the rest, but who’s really the greatest? Joy for All’s newly imagined version—The Game of Life – Generations—features the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Players travel a life path infused with humorous cultural and lifestyle references and experiences unique to each generation.

Past & Present Pairs

  • Match & Remember: Something as simple as getting a phone call is totally different today than it was 50 years ago. Past & Present Pairs is made to spark memories, create conversations, and bring up fun stories. It’s great cross-generational fun for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.
  • Made For The Whole Family: In Past & Present Pairs you can play competitively or have a laid-back conversational game! You’ll find an endless supply of trivia and stories coming up. It’s a great way for grandparents, kids, teens, and families to grow closer!
  • Compare & Discuss: From pop culture to fashion, history, TV, and music this game covers it all! You’ll be amazed at the new stories and fun experiences that come up with just a little prodding.

Lifetime Lineup

  • Create A Timeline: Draw from 95 historic events and 24 personalized “Your Lifetime” cards to reminisce and create the best timeline you can! It’s a fun way for kids and teens to learn about the past and a trivia challenge for adults and seniors alike.
  • Made For The Whole Family: In Lifetime Lineup everyone has something to do and it won’t be long before discussions, stories, and fun are flowing free! It’s a great way for grandparents, kids, teens, and families to grow closer!
  • Personalized Games: We include 24 custom cards to write in events from your family or group’s timeline. Create fun personal events like “The Birth of the Youngest Kid”, “The Time Dad Got Lost at the Lake”, or “Our Vacation to Niagara Falls”.